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How To Do Makeup Using Products Under Rs 100 Challenge

Jumped on the band wagon and gave this challenge a go! Doing a full face of makeup using products that cost under Rs 100 and finding products that made sense was a task, I must admit. Finally I was able to come up with this vampy glam look. Hope you like it! Scroll down for a full list of products used.

Products Used


Primer: Lacto Calamine Lotion - 60 rs Base: Pond's BB Cream - 80 rs

Highlight/ Bake: Pond's Dream Flower Talc - 60 rs Blush: Veasta Lipstick in Shade 29 - 100 rs

Eyes 7 Heaven's Brown Eyeliner Pencil - 50 rs Cameio Green Metallic Cream Eyeshadow - 50 rs Ellwin Black Eyeliner Pencil - 50 rs

Lips Lips: Veasta Lipstick in shade 30 - 100 rs Ellwin Lip Pencil in Plum - 50 rs Makeup Tools: Vega Sponge - 80 rs Vega Eyeshadow Brush - 90 rs Vega Eyeliner Brush - 90 rs Vega Fan Brush - 90 rs

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