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I'm bringing my #AnjieGogna Makeup Workshop to Chandigarh

Learn the essentials of makeup application natural to glam look from Celebrity Makeup Artist Anjie Gogna. Plus quick skincare & beautiful smile tips from the experts, all in one workshop. In partnership with Akss Medi Aesthetic & Dermatology Clinic

Chandigarh could very well be one of the top wedding destinations in India. And every bride has to make the hunt for her bridal makeup artist. Chandigarh is close to my heart since I held my wedding there.

To make it easier for those planning a Chandigarh wedding, and increase your options for a makeup artist in Chandigarh, here's a treat for you. I'm bringing #AnjieGognaMakeup to Chandigarh this Friday and spending an afternoon of beauty chit chat in partnership with Akss Medi Aesthetic & Cosmetology Clinic.

It doesn't end with this one day workshop. If you're a bride-to-be in search of a glam team for your Chandigarh wedding, drop me a line in my contact form.

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