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Makeup Rules You Should Totally Break

So it’s been said that some rules are meant to be broken. This holds true when it comes to makeup. There are no hard and fast rules. I've come up with a few makeup “rules” that turn out better when bent.

Rule 1: Apply makeup base before your eye makeup

Rule breaker: Especially if you’re a makeup newbie/ beginner, applying eyeshadow can be a messy situation. It causes “fall out” which is basically eyeshadow that falls under the eyes. Bend this rule by finishing your eye makeup before doing your base. That way, you can use a wet-wipe to clean any fall out, and then apply your foundation. This gives a cleaner, fresher look, and saves time correcting mistakes.

Rule 2: Apply concealer before foundation

Rule breaker: Try applying your foundation first, so you can see what areas of skin have not been covered properly by the foundation and you can then apply concealer. I also prefer applying my foundation first as it allows my under eye concealer to blend in better with the rest of my face.

Rule 3: Moisturizer is applied only before makeup

Rule breaker: There are times when even after prepping my skin with moisturizer, the foundation still doesn’t go on smoothly or my skin appears dull after the base. This can be caused by very dry skin or the thick consistency of your product. So here's a rule-bending tip: Get some moisturizer on your fingers and rub it out until it no longer appears white. Now press the product onto your skin without actually rubbing it. This instantly hydrates the skin and brings back a subtle glow.

Rule 4: Eyeliner is applied only after eye shadow

Rule breaker: Applying eyeliner before and after is actually a great way to achieve a beautiful smokey eye. Before any eyeshadow, go in with a smooth kohl pencil on your upper lash line and in your lower waterline. Follow this up with your eyeshadow – allowing the kohl to smudge out as you apply. This gives you the right amount of intensity you need around your lashes. Once done, finish the eyes with final swipe of liquid eyeliner to really define the look.

Rule 5: Never pair strong eyes with a bold lip

Rule Breaker: Balance is key. It a bold lip with strong eye makeup makes for a very fashion forward, glamorous look. Try pairing a smokey eye with burgundy or deep pink lips like we’ve seen on actresses Kareena and Sonam Kapoor.

Rule 6: Always match your lipliner to your lipstick

Rule Breaker: Try the ombre trend by using a darker lipliner than your lipstick. Aside from being on-trend, this gives the illusion of fuller lips for those with thin lips. To get the look, apply a darker pencil along the outside of your lips, then apply a lighter lipstick in the middle. Blend outward using a lip brush, creating the ombre effect.

As you can see, you can work around conventional beauty standards and still look fantastic. You just need to know how.



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