Easy Wakeup and Makeup Routine

So you’ve hit the snooze button 5 times and now you’re finally up. You might be running late and putting on a full face of makeup doesn’t make sense. But here’s a quick routine on how to Wake Up and Makeup up. I’ve managed to cut this routine down to 5 minutes. That means you can utilise your commute time in the metro, uber or car to look put together in no time.

1. Get your base right

Go for a base that gives you a light, even coverage. It should be easily blendable to save you time. Invest in a tinted moisturizer, bb cream or light foundation – which ever does the trick for you.

2. Conceal

Look perfectly polished by hiding any noticeable redness, or dark circles with a concealer. Save contouring for another day – coz you probably won’t have the time

3. Blush

Fake an after workout flush by applying some blush on the apples of your cheeks. For days when you're rushing out the door, try using a cheek tint or cream blush because it give a super natural finish , is quick to blend and is forgiving even if you overdo it.

4. It’s all in the eyes

A quick tip: always keep your eyebrows groomed! This saves you the time to fill them in or clean them up and always always makes you look put together. If you feel the need to fill them in, I suggest a double ended product such as a pencil with a spoolie or bristled brush on the other end. Just draw a few hairlike strokes, and brush it out with the other end to keep it looking natural

Eyeliner really makes the eyes look bigger and more awake. I suggest a retractable pencil type or felt tip liner to save time in sharpening or dipping the brush into product.

5. Pout

While it’s tempting to put on a bright colored lip, these are the days we just don’t have time to get it perfect. Focus your energy on making your lips look healthy and hydrated simply by swiping on a tinted lip balm. You can also go for a peppermint lip balm to give you that extra minty boost to get you going for the rest of the day

6. Powder

Give a quick swoosh of powder especially under the eyes to set your face and prevent sweat and shine from making you look like Messy Bessy

Ladies, try to get this routine down perfect so you can use it when time is of the essence. Remember: you don't need to look like you woke up late (even if you did).



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